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Faye Duchin

Structural Economics: Measuring Change in Technology, Lifestyles, and the Environment

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ISBN: 1559636068
Издательство: Island Press
In all societies, the main causes of environmental degradation are resource extraction and the generation of wastes by households and industries. Realistic strategies for mitigating these impacts require an understanding of both the technologies by which resources are transformed into products, and the lifestyle choices that shape household use of such products. Structural Economics provides a framework for developing and evaluating such strategies. It represents an important new approach to describing household lifestyles and technological choices, the relationships between them, and their impact on resource use and waste. In this volume, economist Faye Duchin provides for the first time an authoritative and comprehensive introduction to the field,including its social as well as its technological dimensions. The presentation is accessible to non-specialists while also including a substantial amount of new research. Duchin's primary achievement is to integrate a qualitatively...