Обложка книги Nanostructured Thin Films and Nanodispersion Strengthened Coatings

Nanostructured Thin Films and Nanodispersion Strengthened Coatings

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ISBN: 1402022212;
Издательство: Springer
Страниц: 322

This volume discusses the most recent developments in plasma physics and surface engineering related to the preparation and applications of nanostructured thin films and nanodispersion strengthened coatings. The book contains the following major sections: Hard and Tribological Coatings; Recent Progress in the Development of Plasma Deposition Equipment; Film Characterization, Control of Structure and Properties; Nanopowders and Nanoparticles in Surface Engineering Technologies; Biocompatible Thin Films. The chapters review the remarkable progress in these areas and provide examples of successful new industrial applications in plasma deposition, surface engineering, nanostructured thin films, and nanodispersion-strengthened coatings. Each chapter comes with a complete reference list to the relevant literature, making it an invaluable guide for engineers and researchers in these exciting fields. This book presents the latest scientific developments in nanostructured coating...

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