Обложка книги A World Held Hostage by Debt

A World Held Hostage by Debt

ISBN: 1930859473;
Издательство: Elderberry Press (OR)

No matter what country people live in, they all dislike high taxes and inflation, because they recognize the hardships they impose on their lives and families. By nature, we are a compassionate people. We don't like to see other people suffer, especially starving children. The September 11 disaster has proved beyond doubt that the American people can and do respond to crises with compassion and generosity, even heroism. When we hear that worldwide, 24,000 people die of hunger every day, we know this is a crisis. We care and we'd like to help. But what can we do? When most stocks were rising faster than flames on a pine tree during a forest fire, investors in the stock market felt prosperous even wealthy. They didn't think whatwould happen when the stock market crashed the way it's doing now. They couldn't visualize how that would devastate the whole economy and that greed was destroying the market itself.