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Jonathan Story

China: The Race to Market

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ISBN: 0273663216
Издательство: Pearson Education
China is rapidly becoming the world's next economic giant: by some estimates, the Chinese economy could overtake the US by 2030. Is this truly likely? Or will internal political and cultural obstacles lead the Chinese market economy to fail, causing massive losses for unwary investors? In China: The Race to Market , a leading expert in assessing investment risks in China offers a comprehensive briefing on what to expect--and what to watch out for. Jonathan Story covers all the forces shaping China's future, offering essential historical and economic context, and showing investors how to shape strategies that maximize opportunity and minimize risk. He addresses a wide range of issues, including:the impact of China's entry into the World Trade Organization; the state-market relationship; the outlook for internal reform and transparency; brand-new rules permitting majority foreign ownership; Sino-American relations, and much more. He also drills down to key industries--including...