Обложка книги Critical Issues in Tourism: A Geographical Perspective

Critical Issues in Tourism: A Geographical Perspective


ISBN: 0631224149; 9780631224143;
Издательство: Blackwell Publishers
Страниц: 392

The first edition of Critical Issues in Tourism provided a much-needed geographic perspective on how the production and consumption of tourism are reshaping human and physical environments. The second edition builds on this, updating the original material to reflect the substantial changes that have taken place within tourism geography in recent years, and adding whole new sections. New material includes: a chapter on tourism and the environment, reflecting the complexities of sustainable approaches; a more detailed discussion of how tourism is signified in the landscape; and new material on gender and migration. Debates on the economic geography of tourism and the importance of the political economy perspective have been revisited, and discussion of lifestyles, social access and tourist typologies extended. In addition, the reference material, examples and empirical information have been fully updated and new case studies added, covering both developed and developing economies....

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