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T. M. Pryor, T. M. Pryor

Empowerment Of Black America

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ISBN: 1893196100
Издательство: Brittney Press Publishing
The launching pad for this book is Washington?s hypothesis that total organization of Black Americans is the precondition for their economic empowerment. The author proposes a plan called TENYBI, the acronym for Ten-Year Black Initiative that will initially be spearheaded and underwritten by America?s 851,000 Black-owned businesses. Thus, Black America will have economic leadership as part of its leadership corps for the first in its over 135-year history. The benefits to inure from TENYBI are reclamation of Black youth, a reduction of the deficit in higher education, and an increase in the number of businesses and total individual income. A world-class National Black Monument in Washington, D.C., will eternalize all Blacks in America since1619 and their indispensability in the making of America.
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