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Future Consumer.com

ISBN: 1894622189;
Издательство: Warwick Publishing

WHAT?s NEW in the UPDATED 2nd EDITION (TradePaper Version)? Despite the dot-com shakeout and economic slowdown (both of which were anticipated in the first edition), the basic thrust of the book has not changed one iota. The book?s structure and layout also is unchanged. However, the first edition was completed in early 2000 and so we have another 18 months of online shopping under our belt. As predicted, some things are selling better than others; the author has re-run the forecasts to2010 for all product categories and made some modest changes here and there. In terms of total online shopping by 2010, the first edition forecast that 31 percent of all retail sales would be made online by then. The new forecast comes out at 29.5 percent, so not much has changed there. Indeed, e-shopping is picking up steam and will ramp up rapidly as the economy rebounds. The original text basically stands unchanged. Despite the first, rocky phase of the Webolution, none of...

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