Обложка книги George Soros on Globalization

George Soros on Globalization

ISBN: 1586481258;
Издательство: PublicAffairs

As the global economy becomes at once a fact of everyday life and the inspiration for violent protest, George Soros offers his provocative analysis of globalization and outlines a new agenda for the leading nations of the world. Over the past decade, "globalization" has become a buzzword for everything that is happening in the world economy or even in international relations generally. But as even a cursory glance at recent headlines reveals, not everyone is happy with globalization. Violent protests are now a regular feature of international summit meetings, and many young people have expressed their strong opposition to policies that they see as enriching the rich at the expense of workers, the environment, and traditional culture. As the world economy has transformed in the 1990s and early 2000s, no individual has grappled with the social and political implications of globalization more than George Soros. George Soros on Globalization seeks to assess not merely how...