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Ronald J. Sider, John J., Jr. Dilulio, Eugene Rivers, Charles W. Colson

Just Generosity: A New Vision for Overcoming Poverty in America

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ISBN: 080106015X
Издательство: Baker Books
Since Ron Sider published his best-selling Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger over twenty years ago, the poor in the United States have become poorer while the rich have become richer. Government policies initiated by both liberals and conservatives have failed to alleviate poverty. Is there anything concerned Christians can do? Ron Sider raises up a voice of hope, calling believers to care as much about the poor as Jesus did. He offers a new, holistic approach in which people of religious faith canwork with government, media, and business to fashion a vision for changing both unjust social structures and the root causes of bad moral choices. Using poignant stories to engage the heart and well-documented facts to convince the mind, Sider presents an accessible yet comprehensive agenda of ways to reduce poverty in the United States. Christians with a heart for social justice will find invaluable information and concrete suggestions to help end poverty in the worlds richest...
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