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Japan Commission on Industrial Performance

Made in Japan: Revitalizing Japanese Manufacturing for Economic Growth

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ISBN: 0262100606, 9780262100601
Издательство: MIT Press
Год издания: 1998
Страниц: 436
Winner of the Shingo Research and Professional Publication Prize for 1999 In 1989 the MIT Press published Made in America , a landmark study by The MIT Commission on Industrial Productivity, an interdisciplinary group of MIT faculty members. The study analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of American industry and set forth a strategic plan for revitalizing American productivity. Inspired by the MIT study, the Japan Techno-Economics Society formed the Japan Commission on Industrial Performance (JCIP). For three years, seventeen university researchers worked with representatives of thirty-four corporations to analyze the present state of Japanese manufacturing and to identify the challenges Japan will face in the twenty-first century. The result of their study is Made in Japan . Made in Japan has a broader perspective than its American model, whose focus was limited to issues of productivity. The book is divided into three parts. Part...
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