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John Sheahan

Searching for a Better Society: The Peruvian Economy from 1950

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ISBN: 0271018739
Издательство: Pennsylvania State University Press
An analysis of the causes of extreme poverty and inequality in Peru, of economic deterioration and growing violence in the 1970s and 1980s, and of the effects of the new economic strategy of liberalization adopted in 1990. ?This lucid study is arare find: an analysis of a developing economy that successfully integrates the full range of development issues, including economic growth, competitiveness, poverty, social equity, agriculture, industry, and external and domestic finance, and places them all within their historical and political context. Moreover, this study accomplishes this feat for an intricate economy that defies easy understanding. I particularly recommend this book for undergraduate and graduate students in development economics: they will find it an inspiring performance.? ?Paul Beckerman As in most of the rest of Latin America, Peruvian economic strategy has gone in something of a circle, from long-established orientation toward an open economy...
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