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David C. Engerman, Nils Gilman, Mark H. Haefele, Michael E. Latham

Staging Growth: Modernization, Development, and the Global Cold War

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ISBN: 1558493700
Издательство: University of Massachusetts Press
Beginning in the 1950s, the theory of modernization emerged as the dominant paradigm of economic, social, and political development within the American foreign policy establishment. Purporting to explain the stages through which all nations pass on the road to industrial modernity, it provided a rationale for a broad range of cultural and political projects aimed at fostering Third World growth while simultaneously combating communism. But modernization theory was more than simply an expression of Cold War ideology. As the essays in this volume show, the ideal of modernization proliferated throughout the postcolonial world and across ideological lines in places as diverse as East Asia, Southern Africa, and South Asia. Indeed, it was embraced by all who shared the American enthusiasm for the increased production and higher standards of living promised by industrialization ?enemies and allies alike. Situating modernization theory historically, "Staging Growth" avoids...