Обложка книги State and Evolution: Russia's Search for a Free Market

State and Evolution: Russia's Search for a Free Market

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ISBN: 0295983493;
Издательство: University of Washington Press

"What was the revolution of the 1990s for Russia?" writes Yegor Gaidar. "Was it a hard but salutary road toward the creation of a workable democracy with workable markets, a way for Russia to develop and survive in the twenty-first century? Or was it theprologue to another closed, stultified regime marching to the music of old myths and anthems?" Few are as well-equipped to consider this matter as Gaidar, noted Russian economist and prime minister during Boris Yeltsin?s early years as post-Soviet Russia?s leader. He is also a student of the socioeconomic history of his country, which he traces in the book with skill and insight. Both Eastern and Western influences are examined in light of Russia?s particular challenges and choicesover the years and the kinds of institutions it developed as a result. The author focuses on comparing attitudes toward private property and the persistence of Eastern forms of landownership. He sees Marx?s concept of the "Asiatic...