Обложка книги The Age of Insecurity

The Age of Insecurity


ISBN: 1859848435;
Издательство: Verso

If the economy is booming, why is Britain increasingly a nation in therapy? Unemployment is falling. House prices are on the rise. Inflation remains low. But despite the continuing bright news from the economic front, a tangible uneasiness hangs over theBritish and American public. People remain anxious about their job security, mistrustful of the apparent rising value of their assets, skeptical of government blandishments about the bad times being firmly in the past. Welcome to the age of insecurity. It's not difficult to trace the origins of the acute wariness in the public's mood. The world -- pulled out of shape by the culture and values of big business and finance -- has become a volatile place. The 1987 stock market crash, the early nineties collapse in house price, Norman Lamont's panicked withdrawal of sterling from the ERM, these memories are all still fresh. Riptides of capital swirling around the globe can ruin entire economies overnight as any Malaysian or Mexican will...

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