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Papa Yalae

The Road to a New Africa

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ISBN: 1401089658
Издательство: Xlibris Corporation
?The Road To A New Africa, An Essay To The African People? is a comprehensive analysis of the difficulties facing Africa and a comprehensive proposal of how Africa can overcome these difficulties. The book is intended to offer concrete proposals to the African People to help address the two of the three fundamental sources of Africa?s problems ? political structure and political system. A third fundamental source of Africa?s problem is political ideology, which is addressed in another book. "The Road to a New Africa, An essay to the African People" is a proposal for Africans to consider as Africa searches for a way to a better tomorrow. The essay is my contribution to the search for an appropriate and acceptable means to achieve the aspiration of the African People, which is Peace and Prosperity. The essay is to instill a new understanding of the imperative need to create United Africa in order to achieve Peace and Prosperity in Africa and to establish that...
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