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Jere R. Behrman, Alejandro Gaviria, Miguel Szekely

Who's in and Who's Out: Social Exclusion in Latin America

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ISBN: 1931003424
Издательство: Inter-American Development Bank
Social exclusion is closely linked with numerous economic problems in Latin America, yet seldom does it take the form of a "keep out" sign. More commonly, groups are excluded because they lack access to opportunities enjoyed by others in health care, education, housing and employment. These barriers prevent people from reaching their full productive potential?in turn constraining growth and revenues?and make them more likely to incur public costs through health and social service expenses. Who?s In and Who?s Out explores various forms of social exclusion in Latin America, including residential segregation in Bolivian cities, exclusion in health care in Brazil, barriers to legal status of Nicaraguan immigrants in Costa Rica, geographic isolation in El Salvador, and educational inequality among the indigenous in Mexico. The chapters describe how self-perpetuating networks of association, prohibitive prices for certain services, and misperceptions...
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