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Better Governance and Public Policy: Capacity Building for Democratic Renewal in Africa

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ISBN: 1565491602
Издательство: Kumarian Press
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionGovernance is now an important term in development policy discourse, yet its relationship to development, institutional reforms and public policy processes, and even its definition, remain ambiguous. This book brings together analysis of these issues by prominent scholars and practitioners of African development policy. The book?s three main objectives are to describe recent governance changes in African countries, to analyze the consequences of these changes for institutional reforms, and to highlight the challenge of building different types of institutional capacities to consolidate the ongoing processes of economic liberalization and democratization within African countries. The contributors explore key questions such as the relationship between governance and institutional reforms, the impact of these reforms on public policy processes, the link between economic governance and policy research, and the effectiveness of capacity building efforts aimed at...
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