Обложка книги Begging as a Way of Life

Begging as a Way of Life

ISBN: 1413765513;
Издательство: PublishAmerica

Book Description Despite frantic efforts by the various governments of Ghana to stop begging in Accra, there is a never-ending tendency of poor people, including people with mobility difficulties, to parade the principal streets of the city begging for money. While begging may be attributed to a great extent to poverty, it seems also that the ways in which disabled people justify begging is responsible for its sustenance. This book provides an understanding of why begging is chosen, how it is sustained and ways of minimizing the practice in Accra. The book is therefore to inform governmental and non-governmental agencies engaged in efforts to rehabilitate disabled people and reduce the practice of begging in cities, especially in developing countries. The book is also to meet not only the curiosity of students and teachers of sociology, disability studies, social work/policy and special education, but also everyone interested in the phenomenon of begging.