Обложка книги Divine Economy And Its Real World Economic Principles

Divine Economy And Its Real World Economic Principles

ISBN: 0595350836;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.

Book Description Divine Economy and Its Real World Economic Principles is a book that reorients economic thinking. It is an intriguing and satisfying read for those interested in business ethics and economics or for those interested in philosophy or religion. The Divine Economy Model © presented in Chapter Two will change your impression of economics. Economics has been called the ?dismal science? but the Divine Economy Model © will instead make you see economics as bright and hopeful. Chapter One builds the case for the parallel emergence of humankind and the economy. It introduces their spiritual foundations. Chapter Two lays out the Divine Economy Model © which is an original and significant contribution to economic science. Chapter Three demonstrates how real world economic principles are interconnected and how the Divine Economy Model © helps to show their symmetry and reciprocity. Chapter Four identifies new directions in...

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