Обложка книги Economic Geographies : Circuits, Flows and Spaces

Economic Geographies : Circuits, Flows and Spaces

ISBN: 0761948945;
Издательство: SAGE Publications

Book Description'The social and political power of the verity that there are no such things as economies, only economic geographies demands an analysis of the complex flows and relations implied by it. At last, here is a book ? the book - which addresses the questions central to the critical understanding of economies and their formative geographies. This is a highly creative and transformative contribution' Roger Lee , Professor of Geography, Queen Mary, University of London How do we conceptualise the production and re-production of social life? What are the most appropriate ways to conceptualise capitalist economies and their geographies? Economic Geographies integrates ideas of structure, agency, and practice to provide: · a detailed overview of recent key debates in economic geography: from political-economy and Marxism to post-structuralism · an explanation of the of...

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