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Florence Wambugu

Modifying Africa: How Biotechnology Can Benefit the Poor and Hungry--A Case Study from Kenya

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ISBN: 0975410105
Издательство: Dr Florence Wambugu
Год издания: 2005
Book DescriptionIs the future of Africa full of gloom and doom or is there a glimpse of hope on the horizon? Rather than debate this issue, Dr. Florence Wambugu gives you a hands-on answer in her book Modifying Africa: How Biotechnology Can Benefit the Poor and Hungry; a Case Study From Kenya. She demonstrates how a simple agricultural technology transfer project is helping to break the backbone of poverty and famine. In Africa, the continent where Dr. Wambugu was born, more than 5,000 peopledie each day from lack of food. Over 30 million children do not have the required nutrition to live a normal healthy life. Faced with this grim situation, it is refreshing to see how a simple technology can transform the lives of thousands of poorfarmers, who then in turn transform their communities. In Dr. Wambugu?s book Modifying Africa , she writes about real life stories of people who have benefited from planting tissue culture, or clean planting banana seedlings...
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