Обложка книги The Essence of Capitalism : The Origins of Our Future

The Essence of Capitalism : The Origins of Our Future

ISBN: 1551642204;
Издательство: Black Rose Books

Book Description The Essence of Capitalism is a timely account of globalization, the consumer culture, and the historical roots of our contemporary dilemmas. By tracking the 130-year history of Coca-Cola (and a number of other large American or transnational corporations), this book details all that is best, worst and most powerful about global capitalism. Using Coca-Cola's rise as a case study, here is the tale of how Coca-Cola employed marketing and business practices that enabled it to expand beyond its original market (that which a horse-drawn cart could cover in a day) to -today's massive corporate status. Through the use of the franchise, extreme quality control and powerful marketing, it shows how Coca-Cola-a company with virtually one product that nobody actually needs and that is, in its original sugar-laden form, plainly very bad for people-went from being a feel-good tonic in competition with more than a thousand other similar drinks to being the major market...