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Hrishikes Bhattacharya

Banking Strategy, Credit Appraisal and Lending Decisions: A Risk-Return Framework

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ISBN: 0195648501
Издательство: Oxford University Press
The liberalization of the financial sector demands a new technology to cope with the rising pressures on the profitability of banks and financial sector institutions. Analyzing lending strategies, credit appraisal, risk analysis and lending decisions, while keeping in mind the broad framework of corporate banking strategy, this book emphasizes that lending is no longer an activity restricted to the assets side of the balance sheet. It must emanate from and fit snugly into the overall corporate objective of a lending organization and, in the process, it must integrate the expanding range of activities into the mainstream lending business. An invaluable tool for practicing managers and students of business and financial management, this book demands noprior specialized knowledge of the subject, taking readers from the rudiments of credit appraisal to advanced levels of decision-making. Numerous examples from the world of business have been provided to facilitate a better...