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China's Political Economy

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ISBN: 9810234287;
Издательство: World Scientific Publishing Company

1997 was truly an eventful year for China, with many momentous happenings. In February of that year Deng Xiaoping passed away, thus marking the end of an era. Shortly after, the post-Deng Chinese leadership under Jiang Zemin had to mobilise great effortsto ensure the smooth resumption of sovereignty over Hong Kong on June 30. This was then followed by intensive preparation for the holding of the 15th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party in September, which set national priorities for China'smedium- and long-term development as well as decided on the core team of younger leaders responsible for leading China into the 21st century. China is in the midst of great political, economic and social changes, which will intensify each other on account of their speed and scale. History has never before witnessed such a huge country as China industrialising and transforming itself so rapidly and so extensively. Accordingly, China's success or failure in its domestic...

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