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Stuart Gillespie, Milla McLachlan, Roger Shrimpton

Combating Malnutrition: Time to Act (Human Development Network : Health, Nutrition, and Population Series)

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ISBN: 0821354450
Издательство: World Bank Office of the Publisher
Reducing malnutrition is central to reducing poverty. Malnutrition is implicated in half of all child deaths and causes much illness and cognitive underdevelopment. As the growing evidence demonstrates, fetal and young child malnutrition threatens survival, growth, and development in childhood, and it increases the risk of chronic diseases in later life. The Millennium Development Goals cannot be reached without significant efforts to eliminate malnutrition. The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the World Bank have joined forces to provide a fresh perspective on the global effort to address malnutrition, and to evaluate how the two agencies can contribute to the agenda and its implementation. Combating Malnutrition--which is the product of reviews of UNICEF and World Bank portfolios, analyses of the evolution of key policy narratives, country case studies, and workshops--gets behind the headlines to show how policy changes in nutrition happen, what influences these...
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