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tunisia International Economic Association World Congress 1995 Tunis, Ibrahim Elbadawi, Benno Ndulu, B. J. Ndulu, African Economic Research Consortium

Economic Development in Subsaharan Africa: Proceedings of the Eleventh World Congress of the International Economic Association, Tunis (IEA CONFERENCE VOLUME)

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ISBN: 0312232063
Издательство: Palgrave MacMillan
The economic reforms taking place in sub-Saharan African coutnries now--assisted by multilateral and bilateral donors--should not only be sustained, but should also be critically appraised. From this exercise or appraisal, approipriate reform and development strategies are already emerging. The objective of this volume is to contribute to this strategy of reform and vision of development in SSA so that the current economic decline can be arrested, sustainable economic growth restored, and a lasting impact on poverty achieved.
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