Обложка книги Economic Puppetmasters: Lessons from the Halls of Power

Economic Puppetmasters: Lessons from the Halls of Power

ISBN: 0844740810;
Издательство: American Enterprise Institute Press

Drawing from his rich experiences as a governor of the Federal Reserve Board and as an international economic consultant, Lawrence B. Lindsey provides an engaging, incisive analysis of the human motivations and the decision-making processes that shape global economic events. He affords readers a unique view of the intended and unintended effects of public policy on both the domestic and the international political economy. Lindsey argues that the current bureaucratic and philosophical structure of the leading nations of the world was designed to battle past challenges, most notably the cold war. He asserts that nations can effectively confront new economic and financial crises only by unleashing the power of democratic capitalism to establish innovative global economic arrangements. This lively, insightful book provides an insider's perspective on the bureaucratic structure of governmental institutions and the incentives and limitations of the individuals who head those...