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William J. Douglas

Environmental GIS Applications to Industrial Facilities

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ISBN: 0873719913
Издательство: Lewis Publishers, Inc.
Geographic information system (GIS) computer technology is revolutionizing the way we interact with information. Data, text, drawings, maps, and images contain information that can be accessed and used intuitively through drawings containing graphical representations of the facilities to which they apply, e.g., emission stacks, sampling locations, and sites, to name only a few examples.Environmental GIS technology is being applied with increasing frequency to manage industrial facilities. Environmental GIS describes the application of this information technology. It addresses environmental, safety, and health (ES&H) information management in an integrated manner. The book focuses on dealing with information from an organizational or corporate standpoint,meaning that the needs are not specialized to the ES&H area, but are an inherent part of managing the organization. Environmental, safety, and health information management needs are examined in the context of the overall corporate...
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