Обложка книги Eu Expansion to the East: Prospects and Problems

Eu Expansion to the East: Prospects and Problems


ISBN: 1840648244;
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing

This highly topical book discusses the potential enlargement of the EU to embrace the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the enormous challenges, opportunities and threats this poses for parties on both sides. Understanding of the diversityof the issues raised, even by an experimental expansion, is limited and rarely extends beyond the concerns voiced in a particular policy arena. This volume brings together contributions from specialists across the spectrum of the social sciences who consider the possible outcomes of expansion. The authors consider the countries to which membership might rationally be extended, and discuss the future of a Union that continues to be exclusive, but which must advance in the context of the overall march of globalization. The contributions from numerous disciplines are complementary and include both macro- and micro perspectives. EU Expansion to the East is designed to be accessible to scholars of transition and European affairs, as...

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