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Alexander S. Preker, Guy Carrin

Health Financing for Poor People: Resource Mobilization and Risk Sharing

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ISBN: 0821355252
Издательство: World Bank Office of the Publisher
Most community financing schemes have evolved in the context of severe economic constraints, political instability, and lack of good governance. Usually government taxation capacity is weak, formal mechanisms of social protection for vulnerable populations absent, and government oversight of the informal health sector lacking. In this context of extreme public sector failure, community involvement in the financing of health care provides a critical albeit insufficient first step in the long march towardsimproved access to health care by the poor and social protection against the cost of illness. Health Financing for Poor People stresses that community financing schemes are no panacea for the problems that low-income countries face in resource mobilization. They should be regarded as a complement to ? not as a substitute for ? strong government involvement in health care financing and risk management related to the cost of illness. Based on an extensive survey of the...