Обложка книги High Price for Change: Privatization in Mexico

High Price for Change: Privatization in Mexico

ISBN: 1886938431;
Издательство: BANDAI CO.,LTD.

One of the most important subjects on political and academic agendas in the 1980s and 1990s has been the privatization of public enterprises. Privatization has been examined extensively, but most studies focus on its theoretical aspects, on comparative analyses of the formulas used in other countries, or on descriptive accounts of the sales process. Only rarely has an author who played a leading role in privatization compiled a written record that not only describes experiences, but also analyzes the theoretical aspects and discusses the reasons for and the effects of the process itself, as is the case in this book. A constant of any discussion on privatization as a tool of economic policy is the debate on whether its political and social costs are too high. Jacques Rogozinski begins by stating that in Mexico's case, the government was on the verge of bankruptcy, the economic model of state intervention was already exhausted, and the country's potential growth was stunted....

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