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Hussein Abaza, Andrea Baranzini, United Nations Environment Programme

Implementing Sustainable Development: Integrated Assessment and Participatory Decision-Making Processes

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ISBN: 1840649135
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing
Decision-makers increasingly seek to design environmental and development policies that will support sustainable development. Thus, practical tools to help formulate sustainable development policies and clear methods to assess their acceptability and effectiveness are urgently needed. This book contributes to meeting these needs by presenting both analytical and empirical aspects of decision-making processes. The authors explore the methods for integrating environmental and social sciences to supportparticipatory policy design, implementation and assessment of sustainable development policies. These methods are applied, richly illustrated and discussed with reference to several case studies from various regions of the world. Although each chapter has a distinct focus, they all contribute to a clearer understanding of how sustainable development is perceived and assessed by society. The book is interdisciplinary, emphasizing how the integration of a wide set of disciplines and...
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