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Oriel Incorporated, Dale Mann, Jeanne Dosch, Oriel Staff

Leadership Development for Females Who Went to Catholic Grade School

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ISBN: 1884731171
Издательство: Oriel Incorporated
Talk to anyone who went to Catholic grade school and you'll quickly learn that it had a tremendous influence on who they are and what they believe. The process of becoming a leader forces all of us to draw on our past, whether we grew up going to Catholic school or playing basketball in Indiana. The rules, values, and boundaries you learned early on in school and at home affect how you react in another similar structure, in this case, the workplace. Through a combination of humor and self-examination, this book helps you explore the impact your early experiences had and continue to have on you. The style and appeal of this book is fun, whimsical, and serious all at the same time, and the messages are squarely rooted in a leadership development process based on learning and behavioral change models.
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