Обложка книги Making Global Trade Work for People

Making Global Trade Work for People


ISBN: 1853839825;
Издательство: Earthscan Publications

"The UNDP deserves the world?s thanks for this authoritative and up-to-date analysis of why so many advocates of human development have so much trouble supporting either the fashionable general enthusiasm for trade liberalization or a good many of the specifics of the current international trade regime. Professional and hard-hitting, it addresses what could, with the necessary political will, be done to make trade and the global trade policy regime at last truly work for human development. It must be read by trade policy-makers and analysts in both North and South. Its challenges simply cannot be ignored." -- Professor Gerry Helleiner, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto The global trading system starkly exemplifies some of the historical and current inequities which are at the core of continuing controversies surrounding economic globalization. On the other hand, trade has an enormous potential to contribute to human development. This timely book addresses a range of...