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Abdullah Abdul-Gader, Abdullah H. Al-Abdul-Gader

Managing Computer Based Information Systems in Developing Countries: A Cultural Perspective

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ISBN: 1878289497
Издательство: Idea Group Publishing
Truly meaningful implementation and management of Computer-Based Information Systems (CBIS) diffusion carry many apparent challenges and risks. Technical, sociopolitical, economic and cultural risks and conflicts, which hinder this diffusion, can be resolved, but only through management tools such as skillful planning, resolute strategies and vivid direction. This book will analyze CBIS in the Arab Gulf Countries, starting with an analysis of culturally oriented perceptions and attitudes. This book treats the issue of CBIS diffusion into the AGC with consideration to its vast potential to support the strategic, tactical and operational demands of the region. At the same time, it does not ignore the risks inherent both in the CBIS potential and in its applications in the AGC.