Обложка книги Privatizing Russia

Privatizing Russia

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ISBN: 0262522284; 9780262522281;
Издательство: MIT Press
Страниц: 174

" Privatizing Russa is both a `must' read and a `good' read. It deserves to become the seminal text on privatisation. Buy it. -- Business Europa "The authors provide a very good discussion of the theory of property rights, ownership and control, and explain in a neo-classical framework the failings of the Soviet economic system." -- Timothy N. Ash, Economics in Transition Privatizing Russia offers an inside look at one of the most remarkable reforms in recent history. Having started on the back burner of Russian politics in the fall of 1991, mass privatization was completed on July 1, 1994, with two thirds of the Russian industry privately owned, a rapidly rising stock market, and 40 million Russians owning company shares. The authors, all key participants in the reform effort, describe the events and the ideas driving privatization. They argue that successful reformers must recognize privatization as a process of depoliticizing firms in the face of...

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