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Jianmin Zhao, Bruce J. Dickson, Chien-Min Zhao

Remaking the Chinese State: Strategies, Society, and Security (Asia's Transformations)

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ISBN: 0415260264
Издательство: Routledge
After more than twenty years of economic and political reform, China is a vastly different country than that left by Mao. Almost all the policies and practices of era have been abandoned, with the goals of revolution in foreign and domestic policy being replaced by an emphasis on economic modernization, radical social transformation and an increasingly significant international role. Yet, despite these dramatic changes, other fundamental features of China's policy remain unchanged. This book explores thestrategies of reform in China and their implications for its domestic and foreign policies. It challenges the misconceptions that no political reforms are taking place and that China is eagerly embracing capitalism. It also challenges the view that Chinadoes not abide by international norms and practices on military and security matters.