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Steven A. Moore

Technology and Place: Sustainable Architecture and the Blueprint Farm

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ISBN: 029275244X
Издательство: University of Texas Press
"I consider this book the most insightful discussion of place and technology I have encountered over the past twenty years of thinking about place and its role in modern society. . . . I think that it will create an intellectual stir and give a significant boost to scholarship bringing together social science and the design professions." --John Agnew, Professor and Chair of Geography, University of California, Los Angeles Developing "sustainable" architectural and agricultural technologies was the intent behind Blueprint Farm, an experimental agricultural project designed to benefit farm workers displaced by the industrialization of agriculture in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Yet, despite its promise, the very institutions that created Blueprint Farmterminated the project after just four years (1987-1991). In this book, Steven Moore demonstrates how the various stakeholders' competing definitions of "sustainability," "technology," and "place" ultimately doomed Blueprint Farm. He...
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