Обложка книги The Bottom Line: How to Build a Business Case for ISO 14001

The Bottom Line: How to Build a Business Case for ISO 14001

ISBN: 157444249X;
Издательство: Saint Lucie Press

The first step any company must take before it can begin ISO 14001 implementation is to secure 100 percent, enthusiastic commitment from top management. Top management is persuaded if ISO 14001 impacts the bottom line. This practical, how-to book helps you build a business case for ISO 14001.Implementing ISO 14001 brings a corporate culture change, resulting in cost savings, reduced waste, and enhanced relationships with community regulators and other stakeholders. The author explores these issues with top people in the field who have already implemented the system. She addresses: owhat steps did they take? ohas the business case been supported by experience? owhat are the tangible cost savings?Through these interviews you understand what elements or cost savings can be transferred to your company. You will learn how to convince senior management to implement ISO 14001 - and what business benefits your company will see through the eyes of experts who have been down that path.Once you...