Обложка книги Tourism, Globalisation and Development: Responsible Tourism Planning

Tourism, Globalisation and Development: Responsible Tourism Planning

ISBN: 074531998X;
Издательство: Pluto Press (UK)

Tourism is booming worldwide--it makes up a massive part of the global economy. Donald G. Reid's book focuses on tourism in developing and less-developed countries. He examines its social and environmental impact and offers a timely critical analysis of the part it plays in globalization. Many of the world's poorest countries rely on the tourist trade for the major part of their income. However, all too often, the local communities involved do not reap the benefits of this trade. Developers often excludelocal communities from the initial planning and decision-making process, viewing them either as a benign resource to be exploited, or as an impediment. Reid presents a rigourous critique of corporate-led tourism development and lays out alternatives thatwould give planning and control to the local communities involved. He argues that only in this way can the vastly differing requirments of each community be addressed, and social and environmental issues can be dealt with properly. The...