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K. G. Willis, R. Kerry Turner, Ian Bateman

Urban Planning and Management (Managing the Environment for Sustainable Development Series)

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ISBN: 184064219X
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing
Urban Planning and Management presents a collection of key articles on different aspects of sustainability in urban planning and management while simultaneously illustrating the conflicting arguments about whether and how sustainability should be achieved. Part I covers the factors determining the life and death of cities and what is required to achieve sustainable development. In Part II issues of whether cities should be compact or dispersed and concepts of sustainable development in third world cities and societies are explored. Parts III and IV examine design as an integral part of producing a sustainable urban policy and energy use. Part V deals with Local Agenda 21 issues and Part VI looks at town planning. Part VII discusses transport as both a product and determinant of sustainable urban planning and management. Parts VIII, IX and X examine the sustainable provision of other services including waste collection, recycling schemes and water. In Part XI sustainability is...
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