Обложка книги WORLD CLASS


ISBN: 0684825228;
Издательство: Free Press

In this groundbreaking book by the bestselling author of The Change Masters and When Giants Learn to Dance, Rosabeth Moss Kanter shows how businesses and communities can harness global market forces and make them work to their advantage right here at home. In the economy of the 21st century, she writes, success will come only to those companies -- large and small -- whose goods and services meet world class standards and can compete in the global marketplace. Thus, even small companies musttap into international networks and global alliances. Managers must widen their perspective and broaden their contacts and fields of expertise. And communities must open their boundaries to multinational companies and welcome foreign investment and trade. At a time when the nation's fears about job displacement and foreign competition are sparking protectionist sympathies and backlash against world trade agreements, Kanter presents a persuasive and richly detailed argument for...