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John D. Clark

Worlds Apart: Civil Society and the Battle for Ethical Globalization

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ISBN: 156549167X
Издательство: Kumarian Press
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionGlobalization is one of the most charged political battlegrounds of our age. Its advocates say it is an engine for universal prosperity, while its critics see it as a race to the bottom for poor people and poor countries. Both sides either don?t or won?t understand what the other is saying. Worlds Apart bridges this divide by interpreting both sets of arguments and getting behind the polemics. It is not, however, a search for a middle ground. It unashamedly looks at the issues through a poverty lens and highlights the injustices of widening inequalities and stacked odds in world trade and finance. It argues for a different management of global change that ensures everyone shares in its opportunities ? it is a call for "ethical globalization." In this new regime, civil society would be a critical player ? and globalization is helping prepare it for this challenge. Worlds Apart shows how the same opportunities and threats that have caused such...
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