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Sanjeev Khagram

Dams and Development: Transnational Struggles for Water and Power

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ISBN: 0801489075
Издательство: Cornell University Press
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionBig dams built for irrigation, power, water supply, and other purposes were among the most potent symbols of economic development for much of the twentieth century. Of late they have become a lightning rod for challenges to this vision ofdevelopment as something planned by elites with scant regard for environmental and social consequences?especially for the populations that are displaced as their homelands are flooded. In this book, Sanjeev Khagram traces changes in our ideas of what constitutes appropriate development through the shifting transnational dynamics of big dam construction. Khagram tells the story of a growing, but contentious, world society that features novel and increasingly efficacious norms of appropriate behavior in such areas as human rights and environmental protection. The transnational coalitions and networks led by nongovernmental groups that espouse such norms may seem weak in comparison with states, corporations, and such...