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Sandrine Cazes

Labour Markets in Transition: Balancing Flexibility & Security in Central and Eastern Europe

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ISBN: 9221137236
Издательство: International Labor Office
Год издания: 2005
Book DescriptionThe economic and structural changes in the transition countries since the break up of the Soviet Union have been unique and profound. This book explores how the labor markets of the Central and Eastern European transition countries, the Baltic States, and the Russian Federation have developed in response to this and to the new challenge of accession to the European Union. Through cross-country analysis, the volume examines the sectoral structure of employment as well as the changes inits major characteristics, such as employment status, type of labour contract, formal/informal employment and others. The strictness of employment protection legislation is also explored, and this study evaluates its effect on the level and structure ofemployment and unemployment both for selected transition countries and Western industrialized countries. In addition, the developments in labour market institutions, labour market policies, collective bargaining and labour taxation in...
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