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Gerhard W. Kautz

Exporting to Canada: A Guide for American Companies (Self-Counsel Business Series)

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ISBN: 1551803399
Издательство: Self-Counsel Press
Canada's rapidly growing economy is hungry for imports. Many Americans don't realize that the USA exports more goods to Canada than to any other country in the world. If your product sells in the USA, there is likely to be a similar Canadian market just waiting for you to approach it. The experience of cross-border trading will also give you the knowledge you need to export your goods all over the world. This is an easy-to-read guide for small- and medium-sized businesses looking to expand their markets. Topics covered include: Understanding the difference between the USA and Canada, discovering potential opportunities, finding niche markets, identifying the differences in consumer-related laws, dealing with the metric system, understanding NAFTA, andmaking business and marketing trips. Exporting to Canada is also an extensive resource guide, featuring government publications, document information, lists of Export Assistance Centers and government offices throughout the USA, and...