Обложка книги Globalisation and Its Terrors

Globalisation and Its Terrors

ISBN: 0415285232;
Издательство: Routledge

It has long been realized that the poorer countries of the south have paid for the unstoppable onward rush of globalization in the exploitation of their natural and human resources. In this elegant, lucidly argued account, Teresa Brennan argues that the evidence already exists that globalization has for years been harming not just the poor of the third world but also its alleged beneficiaries in the affluent West. She shows how the speeding up of contemporary capitalism in which space is substituted for time means that neither then environment nor the people who live in it are given the opportunity to regenerate, leading directly to pollution-induced, immune-deficient and stress-related disease. In the final chapter she suggests some alternative ways forward through a return to regionally based production and an emphasis on local economies. Brennan's clear writing and thought-provoking ideas are a must-read for reconsidering the process and consequences of globalization in...