Обложка книги Multinational Strategic Alliances

Multinational Strategic Alliances

ISBN: 0471987751;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

Strategic alliances are one of the most significant tools used today in business, especially by multinational firms. It is seen by business managers as the way to grow their organizations, especially when faced by downsizing and cutbacks. Such alliances have certainly been around for a long time, and surveys show that today the majority of large organizations use them. Almost all multinational firms have considered them. However, what has changed in todays working climate is their breadth and frequency of use, and their complexity. This highlights the need for a comprehensive guide such as this. Indeed, research shows that over 700f strategic alliances fail to deliver the results that were intended from the outset. What makes this book so useful is that it covers a broader range of alliances and has more current case studies than other books currently available. In addition, this comprehensive introduction to the subject provides a base of practical ?how-to-do-it material and...

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