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Mark Blair, Richard Armstrong, Mike Murphy

The 360 Degree Brand in Asia: Creating More Effective Marketing Communications

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ISBN: 0470820578, 9780470820575
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Every point of contact builds the brand. Imagine all communciations reflecting the same deep insight. Imagine all media, from TV to packaging, from web sites to water wells, contributing to the brand. The 360 Degree Brand in Asia decribes Ogilvy's proven sucess in helping both Asia-based to achieve greater success through its model of 360 Degree Brand Stewardship. This practical book offers valuable advice by taking a holitic look at communications and applying the necessary guidelines from each discipline to build a stronger and more profitable brand. With 30 years, experience in the the Asian marketplace between them, the authors argee that the old, often derided concept of "intergration" should be given new life, and the long accepted, but little understood concepts of "loyalty" and "influence" be given special prominence in Asia. In addition, new concepts such as "brand challenge", "interplay" and "contextual creativity" are introduced as a way of illustrating...