Обложка книги The Chinese Electronics Industry

The Chinese Electronics Industry

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ISBN: 0849331749;
Издательство: CRC Press

The Chinese Electronics Industry documents the technologies, capabilities, and infrastructure that has made China a major player in the Asian electronics industry. This book covers the major segments of China's electronics industry, including semiconductors, packaging, printed circuit boards, computer hardware and software, telecommunications, and electronic systems. In addition, this book examines the role of government, research organizations, educational institutions, and major companies in establishing an infrastructure where the industry can flourish. Specifically, this book will help readers:·Comprehend the historical developments, current status, and future growth of China's electronics industry·Understand the cultural, economic, and technological factors that drive and inhibit market access and success in China·Make decisions on strategic issues, such as market entry, establishing joint ventures or strategic alliances with Chinese electronics companies in order...

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